Illuminated letter designed by AP Brown
Street Names and Plaques

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The Specialist in hand lettered memorials

Street names and house plaques are carved in many materials. This house number I carved by hand in Westmoorland green slate.

Forty One plain

This next picture shows the finished result where I have hand painted and gilded the carving.

Forty One painted
Devonshire terrace

This picture shows a street name that I carved in a Bath Stone stringcourse. The depth cut and boldness of serif would then lend itself to the sun where the shadows caused accentuates the finished letter

This family plaque I carved to match many existing ones in a small country church. The material used was 'Belgian Black’ I marble then polished with a white marble shield to hold the lettering. Above the shield is then the hand painted coat of arms on a white marble diamond

Family Plaque

A large Bath Stone name plaque showing half with the pencil drawn letter forms together with the hand cut finished result

Tortington Manor

Again a large Bath Stone name plaque I carved, this time showing a gold leaf finish.

Cemetry of the year

This feature I designed in Portland Stone for my local council to mount their award of achievement.

Foundation Stone

A hand lettered foundation stone that I cut together with the heraldic carving carried out by a friend of mine in Portland Stone.