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Nigel Roberts
11/15/2011 11:11:21 pm


I asked Tony to do a headstone for me.
I had heard he was very good, he was better than good, he was excellent!
It was vital for me to get my late Dad's headstone right for my own peace of mind. Not only was Tony good at what he does, he helped me in the little touches that made it brill.
My Dad was a keen skier, Tony and his daughter sand blasted an excellent one on the back of the headstone, also a hammer and chisel on the front which he recommended.
I was very happy with what Tony did for me and am very happy with the price he charged. From start to finish Tony did it excellent and invited me down to check I was happy at various stages.
A.P.Brown is not good, but he is the best!
Thanks Tony and best wishes,

Nigel Roberts
Ben  Dearnley
11/13/2011 09:11:24 am


Having teachings and guidance from the Master, (Tony) has given me the skills necessary to complete OLYMPIAN MMXII. A twice life size Olympic legacy sculpture for the City of Bath. (To be unveiled may 22nd 2012).

I had no problems with the carving of the sculpture until I came to the lettering within the back. This was to be a huge undertaking for me and one I could not afford to get wrong! So I sought the help of a master letter carver to guide me.

I found Tony to be a traditional letter carver whose exceptional works stand out a mile for the beauty of his hand tooled work. What better a teacher!

Many thanks for all your kindness and help. It is now done!

Best wishes

Liz & Jon Elliott
09/03/2011 09:09:45 pm

Knutsford, Cheshire

Tony created a beautiful butterfly memorial stone for our daughter Jessica. From start to finish, Tony was extremely sensitive and thoughtful which made a difficult and sad process a lot easier for us. As we live at different ends of the country from Tony, it could have made thing rather difficult but Tony was in constant communication and regularly sent updates and photos via email of each step in the process.

The end result is perfect. He managed to capture exactly what we envisaged and it really demonstrates his craftsmanship. The hand lettering and attention to detail is second to none. Thanks also to Tony's daughter who did a wonderful job with the shaded painting of the butterfly design. Above all Tony is a very kind man and it was pleasure to meet him when I collected the stone.

Malcolm Parr
08/16/2011 07:08:30 pm


We commissioned Tony to prepare the headstone for the grave of our daughter Sophie. From the outset Tony was highly compassionate and sensitive, and informative without being assertive. He first met us in our village churchyard and then we and our son were able to view and consider the design and proposed carving in his Bath workshop. We are very pleased with the completed slate headstone and Tony's fine lettering. Our warm thanks to Tony for the high quality of his craftsmanship and for his special attention to us in helping us through the difficult task of creating a memorial for our daughter.
David Curtis
06/09/2011 09:06:21 am


Acquiring new headstone, re-carving lettering and adding new memorial to Jill Curtis at Charlcombe church.

Tony was sensitive, meticulous and dealt with all the various time-consuming permissions patiently. We now have a good clear family memorial at Charlcombe. Thanks to Tony from all the family.
Mrs.  G. Jessop
06/07/2011 07:06:04 am


I was recently involved with the design of 2 memorial stones for Churches in Bath and in Dorset.
I was fortunate to have chosen Tony Brown to execute this work.
Tony was enthusiastic from the outset and gave advice on the best material, size and layout of each stone. He is a skilled craftsman, with an ever open door, so that I was able to inspect the work as it progressed. There were some inevitable delays obtaining various consents yet Tony exhibited great patience throughout.
The wait was well rewarded when Tony fixed the stones in place to the delight of all concerned and I believe those commemorated would have been well pleased with the result.

Sue Best
06/01/2011 10:06:33 pm


We had buried my husband in Cornwall but wanted to have a local stonemason to create the headstone for the grave. All I can say is that Tony consulted at every stage and brilliantly executed a beautiful memorial. The whole family is delighted with the result and I am sure my husband would be very proud.
Chris Golis
06/01/2011 10:06:39 pm

Sydney Australia

My sister lives in San Diego and I live in Sydney. We formerly lived in Swainswick and wanted to bury both my father and mother's ashes in the churchyard. With some trepidation we commissioned Tony four years ago to do the gravestone, worried that we would not be able to see the result of his work before the burial. We need not have worried. He carried out the task wonderfully. My wife and I visited the gravestone last year and she said it was a wonderful memorial.
Karen Chapman
06/01/2011 10:06:38 pm


Tony worked to drawings and emails at distance. The finished memorial is truly beautiful and the attention to detail faultless. My family are very grateful to Tony for his help, guidance, and craftsmanship. Thank you so very much, Mum and Dad would be proud.
Lesley Jupp
06/01/2011 10:06:17 pm


Tony has just installed a beautiful memorial stone to my parents in a Wiltshire village
cemetery. It is entirely in keeping with its surroundings, exactly what I wanted, and I know my mother would have approved!